Why Your Business should be Online: Vol. two

You still haven’t see reasons to get your business on the World Wide Web? Here are some more reasons below, I hope these will convince you and make you understand why your business should be on the World Wide Web.

  1. To Sell Things: Buying and selling is one of activities done on the World Wide Web, People prefer to buy online this days because it is easy, faster and doesn’t consume time. Some consider the telephone the best place to sell things, but it is a tool that allows you to communicate with your customer, which in turn helps you sell things. Well, that’s how we think you should consider the WWW. The technology is different, of course, but before people decide to become customers, they want to know about you, what you do and what you can do for them. Which you can do easily and inexpensively on the WWW. Then you might be able to turn them into customers.
  2. To make pictures, sound and film files available:The WWW allows you to add sound, pictures and short movie files to your company’s info, a picture is worth a thousand a words and these will serve your potential customers, they would love to see your widget in action, No brochure will do that.
  3. To reach a highly desirable demographic market: The demographic of the WWW user is probably the highest mass-market demographic available. Usually college-educated, making a high salary or soon to make a high salary, Wired magazines, the magazine of choice to the Internet community, has no problem getting Lexus and other high-end marketers advertising. Even with the addition of the commercial on-line community, the demographic will remain high for many years to come.
  4. To Answer Frequently asked questions: WWW gives you the opportunity to post answers asked by customers on your web page so most of the time spent on answering customers on phones little of it will be used on the WWW. These I believe will satisfy customers and potential customers and would help remove the barrier to doing business with you.
  5. To Stay In Contact With Salespeople: You might need to update your employees on the road or give them some information that will help them make the sale or pull together the deal. If you know what that information is, you can keep it posted in complete privacy on the WWW. A quick local phone call can keep your staff supplied with the most detailed information, without long distance phone bills or tying up the staff at the home office.
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