1. Participate in Get-Paid-to Websites: Websites that pay you to complete offers are worth examining because they usually include affiliate programs with recurring commissions to be earned. The benefit of get paid to websites is that you don’t need to have your own website or any personal skills at all. The downside is that there are a lot of get-paid-to scams around and finding websites that are legitimate can be fairly difficult. is a forum you should visit to learn if the get-paid-to website you’re interested in actually pays its members. There are also several Web 2.0 or social media websites out there that will pay you to participate in their community. This collection of social media websites usually operate via a revenue-sharing system, which allows you to earn a share of the overall ad revenue. How much you earn depends on how much your submitted article, video or image is viewed.
  2. Find a Virtual Job or Make Use of Your Expertise: Online jobs in the new economy include virtual assistants, gold farmers, online life coaching and support for open source software. So all you need to get started is a home computer with a steady internet connection because most of these virtual jobs involve direct communication through electronic mediums like internet telephony, instant messengers and emails. If you are an expert in a specific topic, you can offer consultation via websites or participation in online competitions in areas such as photography, writing, designing and even gaming.
  3. Freelance and Work on a Contract Basis Online: Traditional freelancing jobs include transcription, proofreading, translation services etc. Online marketplaces that you can use to offer your services include and Elance. One of the best ways to find freelance jobs is to visit webmaster forums because webmasters usually require a variety of web-based services, which range from programming and content writing to design work. If you’re focusing on writing if don’t own your own blog, you can still make some money by registering for websites which will pay for your content. Another alternative is getting paid to write for other blogs either as a staff or guest writer.
  4. Create Your Own Product and Sell it: If your specialty is images and photography, citizen journalism websites like Spy media and Citizen Image will pay for your images. You can also try using Shutterstock, the most established and lucrative micro-stock photography website or you specialized in creating website templates, sound clips or even your own ebook. Websites like Lulu allow you to easily develop and sell your own collection of electronic products like calendars, brochures, artwork, and ebooks without a third party.
  5. Get Involved in the Online Retail Trade: if you are planning to get into the online retail trade EBay and Craigslist are the two of the most popular websites you can use to purchase products from either website to sell to the other or you can use site-specific methods of participating in the online retail trade. For example, Ebay dropshipping and arbitrage is a method whereby you’ll with offline retailers or exporters in other countries, or buy from one seller and sell to another.
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