How to Build a Popular Social Networking Profile

Social networking is the grouping of individuals into specific groups, like small rural communities or a neighborhood subdivision, if you will. Although social networking is possible in person, especially in the workplace, universities, and high schools, it is most popular online. This is because unlike most high schools, colleges, or workplaces, the internet is filled with millions of individuals who are looking to meet other internet users, to gather and share information, experiences about any number of topics, and developing friendships, or to start a professional relationship.

Build a Strong Profile

7 ways to Building Powerful Profile If you’re a new or not yet established brand, how should you use social media to build a reputation for yourself? Apart from making sure your product/website is relevant to the social media channel, it is also useful to participate in social media communities as an end-user or brand representative. These characteristics are no secret and they apply to both new social media users as well as already popular brands seeking to leverage the exposure that social media gives. Instead of explaining in an abstract manner, I’ll try to link these points with what I’ve done with existing social media profiles.

  1. Strong Profile Visibility (Developing Brand Recognition): A good social media profile is highly visible in multiple channels. The more people connect your social media profile to your existing brand or website the better. Start to increase your visibility by inter-connecting all your social media profiles and web properties. Visibility is also reliant on your participation levels i.e. how often you post submit good deal of stories, always voted new stories religiously and maintaining the high submission volume.
    When you think about visibility, think about it in terms of familiarity or brand recognition as well. You not only want people to see your profile, you want them to know and recognize it instantly. Broad visibility will give you a lot of opportunities for networking, which helps you along the way.
  2. Active Participation (Maintaining a Continuous Presence): You must not only be active but regular, the more active you are on a social media channel, the more you build a strong reputation. The amount of time you spend on the site is directly proportionate to the growth of your brand presence. Social websites should be treated like email. It should be checked on al list two times a day, morning and night. Only when I come across interesting content to share with other users. I’ve done the same for many months and it has become a habit of some sort the best thing to do is to maintain a continuous presence from the start.
  3. Practice Reciprocity (Seek Win-Win Outcomes): Reciprocation is not just a mechanical game of blind, circular support but a pro-active tactic. Instead of reacting, take the initiative doing someone a favor, and ask nothing in return. The unspoken rule of reciprocation will ensure that it’ll come back to you. Even if you don’t get anything in return, at least you’ve made a friend.
    But instead of merely trading votes, trade attention and other assets, when someone shows interest in your social profile by linking to or promoting it, keep an eye out for t his/her profile or interests as well. Go beyond mere site-specific functions and think about how you and the other user can collaborate in mutually-beneficial ventures.
  4. Effective Communication (Conversations Are Important): Communication is an integral part of building relationships and it’s a good way to make new friends or acquaintances that may benefit in the future. Talking to other people is also fun and it enriches the social media experience. A good social media profile is always open to communication. Request and listen to feedback. Learn from the people around you. Make it easy for others to contact you away from the social media channels by providing your contact information.
  5. Support The Community (Putting the Collective before oneself): A successful social media profile is one that is well integrated with the collective. And that integration is naturally developed when one is passionate or supportive of other users in the community and the site itself. Offer constructive criticisms of these websites and help other users to get heard.
    While there aren’t many of these users, they demonstrate a mentality that I think should be adopted more often in social media. When you build a profile or enter into social media, think in terms of the collective first before you focus on yourself. This not only allows you to develop credibility but naturally leads me into the next point on providing value.
  6. Provide Value Above All (Gaining Trust and Attention): The sad truth is that if you focus on providing value, other users will trust and follow you or your site more closely. You gain attention and your brand grows, which often leads to greater benefits in the future in terms of traffic, reputation or connections. Build profiles on every social site you’ve used, Provide value above all. Don’t over focus on extracting benefits. You can’t go wrong with this strategy.
  7. Demonstrate Integrity: Make sure you develop a legitimate social media profile because many people are keeping their eye on you. There’s no point in creating a strong social media presence only to do something stupid to mess up your reputation. Talking about ethics, this refers to personal principles, unwritten community rules and each site’s Terms of Use. Don’t do anything that violates each social media website’s rules. Even if you really want to do something against the regulations, at least make sure you don’t get caught. You can bend the rules a little and experiment with social media but make sure that what is visible to your audience is legitimate. A large part of the social media audience will not appreciate you breaking the rules if they discover it. It only takes a few people and a few words to damage your social media profile. In short, take a stand on what you believe in, demonstrate integrity and use each social media website ethically to protect your established reputation.
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