How to Write Email Subject Lines that get Opened

E-mail marketing can be tedious work especially when the expected returns are not made in your business due to poor viewing of sent out mails but there are simple but effective ways you can use to increase the number of people that actually click on the messages sent to their emails. Here are the following tips to help you get started.

Write from the Heart:
It sounds simplistic I know but there is no better way to make your mails read by more people. If you believe in your message chances are that you will more creative in the titles of your mails.

how to write email subject lines that get opened

Get personal:
Make your titles personal. You could write names or introduce issues that affect the population you are reaching out to e.g. ‘Here is a reason to love Monday mornings’ or ‘Here is something to take the edge off’ etc. Writing such subject lines with a name attached will make those on your list feel that you are talking to them individually.

Be authoritative:
Use a subject line that will give an idea that you know exactly what you are saying. People love to get more tips from authorities in certain subjects but please don’t be impolite. Learn to draw the line. Here are two examples e.g. How I got promoted twice in less than six months, Secrets on how I got my first speaking assignment.

Be helpful:
Make the subject line of the e-mail address an urgent need. If you do that people who need help in that area will be sure to click to find out more. E.g. 3 steps to applying for a scholarship, faster method to preparing chicken etc.

Be informative and accurate:
Though this does not have to directly do with the subject line, it will ensure that your subsequent mails get clicked if the contents of the previous ones are accurate. This means that you can keep the previous clicks and get more through referrals.

Last but not least be dogged, email marketing needs doggedness and persistence.

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